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Seventh & Division is now located in Richmond, VA.

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About Frank

Frank Verga has been a professional blacksmith since 2008. Prior to that he had done metalwork on a hobby level since 1992. His experience includes work at several prominent metalworking companies, including Spirit Ironworks (Bayport, NY), La Forge de Style (Hackensack, NJ), and Les Metalliers Champenois (Paterson, NJ). He has done custom metalwork and restoration in the Charleston area since 2013. Most recently, he was the department head of the metalworking discipline at the College of the American Building Arts. Frank Verga's attention to detail and his ability to create form from the formless is motivated by his passion to build. The process--taking an idea and bringing it to life--is the thrill that drives his work. Taking cold, hard metal, Verga susses it into scrolls and curves, forming works of art. For him the enjoyment is seeing the excitement in a client's eyes when a project is delivered. The name Seventh and Division comes from the names of the streets on the corner where his father's shop was located in Jersey City, NJ.